My Stuff x Demos Helsinki:

In the movie ‘My Stuff’ we see one version of radical lifestyle change. However, upgrading your lifestyle to a more sustainable level doesn’t have to involve a radical reduction of all your comforts. You can still make a positive impact with a smaller degree of effort. Allowing for changes in your lifestyle will reward you with new experiences, will have a positive effect on the people around you and will directly impact our future.

Start your own personal experiment! Check out the reactions of your friends and discover the wider impact of your choices. The Generator will reveal predictions regarding the development of the themes you select by the year 2050.

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“Although it is good to think about consumer ecology, it is important to remember that the stuff making the most drastic impact on the environment comes from the sectors of housing, transport and food. The best way to transform the future is to favor compact and energy-efficient housing and construction methods, to use public transport and to eat more vegetables and seasonal foods.”

When you follow five rules on your own, it may feel like a lonely pursuit. It may even feel like child's play. It may frustrate you. Just for that reason, you should share your rules with your friends, so that your experiences and thoughts help create a larger dialogue. It's perfectly possible for us, in the future, to create lasting solutions together. Furthermore, It's useless to be plagued by a troubled conscience all alone, because there are lots of other people worried about climate change. These problems can be fixed! We have to make it easy and simple to do good deeds, and we also need the power of a group.

The information and ideas on this site are based on the SPREAD Sustainable Lifestyles 2050 project, which explored ways of spreading sustainable lifestyles, and the reality of a low carbon future. The information has been compiled onto this page by think tank Demos Helsinki, a partner in the SPREAD-project. By exploring the rules of the generator, you can read about the individual attempts towards a sustainable future in 2050. However, how did we end up with the results? By exploring the project home pages you can see the journey from the year 2013 to the year 2050.