25.2. 2014 – going theatres world wide.

Wow wow. 2013 was a blast for us.

We finally got out from Finland, got an international premier and did some festivals.

As filmmakers, it’s really important and satisfying for us to know that many of you have a change to see the film on the Big silver screen! We are so super exited, that My Stuff has theatrical distribution in so many countries, also outside Europe!

We start of UK in 28th of March, there go for Japan and pick up the tempo from there!

I’m such a lazy blogger, if you wanna follow what’s going on – and here about our premier and how is it going, I suggest that you follow us on facebook or me in twitter. ( facebook.com/mystuffmovie and https://twitter.com/petriluukkainen )

See you in the screenings, I try to go as many Premiers as I can. – PETRI

My Stuff screening


23.12. Tavarataivas YLE Dokumenttiprojektissa

Mukavaa joulua kaikille!

Hieno tapa aloittaa joulunpyhät on katsoa tänä maanantaina klo21 Tavarataivas YLE 1 Dokumenttiprojektissa. Jos katselun jälkeen sinua jää askarruttamaan jokin, voit toki ottaa meihin yhteyttä unikino(at)unikino.fi.

Koko Tavarataivas tiimi on viettämässä lomapäiviä jouluna ja välipäivinä, joten vastaamme viestiisi 10.1. mennessä.

Katsoja palautatte voit antaa myös Ylen kautta: http://yle.fi/yleisradio/ota-yhteytta

Tervesin Petri ja muu Tavarataivas tiimi!

1.12. London preview / 3rd of DEC

Just arrived to London, will be here until 4th of December.

MY STUFF is coming to theatrical distribution in early 2014 and the first preview screenings in the UK

London, Riverside Studios: 3 Dec, 8.30pm

Edinburgh Filmhouse: 7 Dec, 6.15pm

Glasgow Film Theatre: 29 Dec, 6.30pm


More info you’ll find here! https://www.facebook.com/NordicFF

cheers, Petri

13.11. CPH:DOX / Copenhagen

This is found at CPH:DOX booklet. Apparently I’m getting younger :) 24-years old this time :). Cool. Petri

Screening with my q&a is:

Empire Bio, 14.11, 17.30


24-year-old Petri decides to live out a radical thought experiment. He is unhappy and feels weighed down by all the material goods that he has otherwise accumulated in his apartment. So he packs all his belongings and moves them into the basement, and starts to live according to a modest, but strict, self-imposed rule: he can only retrieve one thing each day, and he is not allowed to buy anything new. The experiment is to last a whole year. And it starts with a stark-naked, young man in an ice-cold, empty apartment. Luukkainen eventually realises that, once he has looked after his basic needs, he can do without most of his stuff without losing his quality of life and contentment. ‘Your life does not consist of things. Things are just props,’ says the wise old grandmother and points out the film’s basic premise. But the question is, however, if by dropping out of consumer society he also drops out of all social life. Can you have friends without having a mobile phone? And will the rest of the world even accept such a project? A brave film, which aims for the jugular of the 21st century’s expansive consumerism with a fine (Finnish) mixture of seriousness and humour. At the same time, it is also a story of the youthful quest for happiness, love and a way forward in life. It is really quite incredible that he actually pulled through with it.

4.11. German Premier was a blast

Good times in Leipzig. My Stuff premiered in Germany at DOK.Leipzig festival. All screenings where sold out, and soon will announce the theatrical distribution date!

We where there with our composer Timo Lassy and couple other guy :)


IMG_0607 IMG_0667 IMG_0715 IMG_0721 IMG_0727 IMG_0783 IMG_0820

30.10. Tavarataivas DVD ja Elisa Viihde

Jos et kerennyt katsomaan Tavarataivasta elokuvateatterissa, niin nyt elokuva on mahdollista tilata DVD:llä tai katsoa se Elisa Viihde palvelusta!

Tilaa DVD: http://www.netanttila.com/shop/fi/netanttila/-tavarataivas-dvd-6238141

Elisa Viihde ( myös HD:na ): http://www.netanttila.com/shop/fi/netanttila/-tavarataivas-dvd-6238141

24.10. Screenings in Sweden

First screenings in these Swedes cities. Go and see it on the Big Screen.

Umeå, Folkets bio, 27.10. 15:00
Stockholm, Biograf Zita 31.10. 18:30, 3.11. 14:00, 4.1. 18:30
Göteborg (Angered >Lärjeåns Kafé & Trädgårdan) 31.10. 18:30
Borås, Röda kvarn 7.11. 18:30
Eskilstuna, Biografen Rio 14.11. 18:30
Gävle, Bio 7: 29.11.-1.12


17.10. My Stuff international premier at Warsaw Film Festival


We get to kick off My Stuff international distribution.

I’m very exited to hear and see how audiences outside Finland reach to the film. So here goes my My Stuff tour.  I’ll be visiting some national premiers, at least in Warsaw, Leipzig, Copenhagen and London.

Hope to see you in the screenings!


ps. some VOD news soon to come out as well…


18.9. Tavarataivas is My Stuff

So the name for Tavarataivas in english is My Stuff and here’s some news for those who have been waiting to see it with english subtitles. If you live in Helsinki or nearby you can check the movie this coming week in Kinopalatsi. My Stuff will be screened with english subtitles on the following dates:

Mon 4.3. 9:15PM Kinopalatsi
Thu 7.3. 9:15PM Kinopalatsi

We’ll be posting more news about subtitled screenings on our facebook page and also news on when we start to get screenings outside of Finland. See you at the cinemas!


25.2. Esitykset jatkuvat

Finnkinon lisänäytöksistä on tullut jonkin verran kyselyjä. Elokuvaa esitetään tällä viikolla vielä Helsingissä, Jyväskylässä, Oulussa, Porissa ja Turussa. Myös Rovaniemelle on tulossa pari näytöstä lisää ensi viikolla. Kannattaa tarkistaa elokuvan näytösajat Finnkinon sivuilta.

Omalta osaltani elokuvan tiimoilta tehdyt leffateatterivierailut alkavat olla ohi, kiitos vielä kaikille paikalle tulleille. Alla vielä tekemäni pop-up-mainos Oulusta :)


– Petri