25.2. 2014 – going theatres world wide.

Wow wow. 2013 was a blast for us.

We finally got out from Finland, got an international premier and did some festivals.

As filmmakers, it’s really important and satisfying for us to know that many of you have a change to see the film on the Big silver screen! We are so super exited, that My Stuff has theatrical distribution in so many countries, also outside Europe!

We start of UK in 28th of March, there go for Japan and pick up the tempo from there!

I’m such a lazy blogger, if you wanna follow what’s going on – and here about our premier and how is it going, I suggest that you follow us on facebook or me in twitter. ( facebook.com/mystuffmovie and https://twitter.com/petriluukkainen )

See you in the screenings, I try to go as many Premiers as I can. – PETRI

My Stuff screening